Oh Oregon, Songs of Oregon Christina Duane 2009
  • I Love Oregon
  • Sunset Over Jacksonville
  • Backroads
  • Oh Oregon
  • The Old Mckee Bridge
  • Heart of Maureen
  • Mother Earth
  • Top Moon Trader
  • Hwy 101
  • City of Roses
And so I returned to Oregon, just as I always knew I would. It was a promise spoken into my heart years ago as I stood at the bottom of the Siskiyou Mountains in tears about to leave my newly adopted home. And it seemed to take a lifetime to find my way home but yet it is as if I never left. As if the Oregon wind that whispers through the pine, the granite trails that call my name, and the rivers that sooth a weary soul, have remembered me as I have remembered them.
The Way I Feel Erik Carlson 2001
  • Hwy 101
  • The Way I Feel
  • Chosen Few
  • If You Could Read My Mind
  • Landslide
  • Backroads
  • Goodbye Love
  • Time Afer Time
  • Rainy Night House
  • Downtown Train
Capistrano Christina and Velvet Bleu  
  • Hwy 101
  • Mission by the Sea
  • Isaac
  • Mirror of My Soul
  • Mother Earth
  • Center Stage
  • Top Moon Trader
  • Ancient Cry
Christina and Velvet Bleu followed with a second release entitled "Capistrano" featuring songs Christina wrote in the historic city she calls home. Christina found San Juan Capistrano an inspiring place to write and during a most reflective time in her life she recorded the critically acclaimed "Capistrano" which features "Mission By the Sea" "Mirror of My Soul" and "Hwy 101".
Rhapsody Velvet Bleu 1995
  • Center Stage
  • Accusations
  • The Light is Green
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Friendly Fire
  • Queen for a Day
  • Playing Hard to Get
  • Moondance
  • Someone Else's Life
  • Top Moon Trader
Christina is a multi-talented singer and songwriter with a rich history of musical experience. She began writing songs and playing guitar as a teenager, and soon became a staple performer in Southern California concert theater venues. Christina is the founder of the group Velvet Bleu who's signature style is a seasoned blend of folk, classic jazz and classical rock balladry. Velvet Bleu's first release "Rhapsody" was aired nation wide.





Christina is founder of Top Moon Records and Top Moon Publishing.